Workshops and courses

At REDDES different workshops and classes are designed and imparted in order to improve the life of the communities we work with.

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On the field, our intervention work deals directly with the communities by helping them handle their issues. We provide a comprehensive and integral perspective that bears the interdependence of the different factors that stall their development.

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Violence prevention

Break your Limits is a program that provides an alternative to violence, so that the lives of the Mexican youth may strive.

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Temporary work programs

Helping Mexican rural workers find opportunities that benefit them, as well as American farm owners.

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Redes Sociales para el Desarollo, (REDDES)

REDDES is a non-profit organization that aims to ignite the great human and social capital Mexico holds. Our focus stands within the poorest and most violent areas of the country, allowing us to detonate social development processes that can surge from the synergy of those interested in their community's welfare.

Permanent change thrives when it is carried out by common citizens, giving REDDES reason to provide them with the right tools for personal, social, and economic improvement of their families and communities.

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