About Us

Our work with communities is built upon an interactive methodology

Communities are our priority. At REDDES we strive to identify development opportunities by encouraging project ownership and empowering individuals and their communities through stronger social bonding and inclusion.

To achieve such objective we strengthen local knowledge by developing and acquiring tools and capabilities that promote constructive life decision-making and entrepreneurship.

41.9% of the population in Mexico suffers some degree of poverty which reflects different levels of vulnerability.

We look forward to influencing every region of the country with people living in poor conditions.

A platform of analytic tools allows us to identify the particular issues that affect each territory with a comprehensive perspective. This analytical job is fed from our own experience on that territory and the generation of studies, research, random experimentation, and impact evaluation in order to provide effective solutions.

We have carried on projects with the Federal Government (Sedesol, Segob, CDI y SEDATU, and other dependencies), state and municipal governments (Durango, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Nayarit, among others); The World Bank, international cooperation agencies; as well as international and local universities and colleges, and the private sector.

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